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Saturday, March 2nd, 2024 | 2:00pm

Macky Auditorium


2:00pm - 3:00pm

Doors open

Museum walk

FEMA Virtual Reality Experience

3:00pm - 6:00pm

Kate Nam

Undergraduate Student

Naia Ormaza Zulueta

PhD Student

Fine Arts Performance 1

CU Milana

Donna Mejia

Associate Professor & Inaugural Chancellor's Scholar of Health and Wellness

Carrie Barry

Founder of Corner Boxing Club


Fine Arts Performance 2

DJ Caden

Chris Magee

Undergraduate Student & Founder of @hugyourfriendz

Dr. Brad Fanestil

Director of the Boulder Institute for Mind Body Medicine

Fine Arts Performance 3

On the Rocks Acapella

Ankit Sharma

Renewable Energy Engineer

Lindsey Granger

Journalist & Television Host







Team Members

* = team lead

Speaker Coaches

Amanda McCracken
Becca Close
Devin Sarno
Evans Agyapong
Jeff Donaldson
Laura Hockenbury


Bianca Meurer-Zeman
Dalton Huckins

Michael Burns

Faculty Advisor

Marketing & Creative

*Jessica Lober
Celeste St. Smith
Kendall Martin
Kira Warren
Lila Anson
Mark Wholly

Scott Young
Tessa Brown


*Clayton Holshouser
Jack Chamberlain

Lexus Venzor

Operations & Logistics

*Lillian Wentworth
Alexis Klund
Brooke Aulerich
Chloe Lewis
James Bateman
Katie Krochalis
Luke Pearce
Max Feldesman

Outreach & Partnerships

*Caden Gerig
Teddy O'Brien

Speaker Experience

*Britt Bowersox
*Kalen Sieja
Happy Phatak
Riya Kakkar
Saish Chalk

A letter from our co-curators​

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and fellow Buffs, thank you for joining us today at the TEDxCU 2024 event, Renaissance. Your presence here amplifies the spirit of intellectual curiosity and creative exploration that defines this extraordinary day of learning.

Today, we embark on a journey inspired by the very essence of Renaissance, a French word signifying rebirth and new beginnings. At its core, Renaissance celebrates humanism, a philosophy that propels human beings and their capacities to the forefront of intellectual inquiry and creative expression. This historical period marked a profound revival of classical learning, propelling society from the Middle Ages into an era that championed the endless possibilities of human potential.

Our TEDxCU 2024 theme is a call to rekindle the flame of curiosity and embrace the spirit of creative exploration. We draw inspiration from an era that celebrated the blending of tradition with innovation, a synergy that propelled society forward. In this renaissance, we aim to hear from community members who, like the visionaries of the past, are pioneering new paths to address contemporary challenges in our ever-changing world.

As the Co-Leads of this year’s event, our focus was to amplify the impact we could have. Since the summer we have worked hard to expand our team and broaden our scope in the community. We hope with this event we can bring in different perspectives and continue to create spaces in which we can host complex topics of conversation. Our aim is to foster inclusivity, encourage diverse voices, and through collaboration, we aspire to promote understanding and drive positive change within our community. 

So, as we gather here today, let us collectively embrace the ethos of the Renaissance. Let us celebrate those who weave tradition with innovation, fostering a renaissance of ideas and solutions that will shape our future. Thank you for being a part of this transformative experience. Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and challenged as we delve into the profound insights our speakers have to offer. Welcome to TEDxCU 2024 Renaissance!


Dalton Huckins & Bianca Meurer-Zeman

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