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TEDxCU is organized by CU Boulder students specializing in five teams:
Operations & Logistics, Finance, Creative, Speaker Experience, and Outreach & Partnerships.



Responsible for the creation of all materials for TEDxCU. Experienced in graphic design, social media or videography/video editing to make our marketing campaign come to life. Includes creating video content, any promotional posters, stickers, shirts, flyers, social media posts. The goal is to create the content to promote the event. They will work closely with the other teams to bring to life and make sure there is a cohesive branding vision. 


To oversee all aspects of the event logistics. From organizing speaker events to managing everything reset-up and take-down of the event itself. Coordinate with the venue’s lighting, sound, and set-up crews, in addition to working with videographers about expectations and logistics. Working with our event volunteers to create a TEDx environment to make the event run smoothly. Experience in event organizing is a plus but not required. 


They will be responsible for a range of project budget development, management functions, and accounting responsibilities. The Finance team will work closely with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) to identify on-campus funding sources, develop budgets with each director, and submit those budgets to CSI. They will carry out and record relevant financial transactions as well as coordinate the financial coding of these transactions with the TEDx Co-Leads and CSI. They will also be responsible for maintaining ledgers as well as budgeting/forecasting functions and audit related routines. It requires extreme attention to detail and an elaborate understanding of the infrastructure of the CUSG Bureaucracy. TEDxCU has a detailed timeline of everything that needs to happen, as well as specific guidelines that will greatly aid with the process so there is a specific structure associated with this team. (Small team up to 3 people)


The Speaker-Experience is in charge of all things related to selecting and coaching speakers. Responsible for reviewing speaker applications, selecting and interviewing finalists, and working with speakers throughout the process. Organize the speaker events, guide the speakers through the process of writing their speech, making sure they are on track, and providing general support.


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