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TEDxCU 2024 Theme: Renaissance

Renaissance is a French word meaning rebirth or new beginning. At its core, the concept of Renaissance is characterized by a renewed emphasis on humanism, a philosophical stance that places human beings and their capabilities at the forefront of intellectual inquiry and creative expression. The Renaissance period was a time that led to the revival of classical learning and propelled society out of the Middle Ages. TEDxCU’s 2024 theme aims to rekindle the fire of intellectual curiosity and creative exploration, drawing inspiration from an era that celebrated human potential in all its forms. TEDxCU wants to hear from community members who are blending tradition with innovation to tackle contemporary challenges in our changing world.

Date & Time​

Saturday, March 2

3:00 - 6:30 pm MST

Doors Open at 2:00 p.m. 


Macky Auditorium Concert Hall

Lindsey Granger

Lindsey Granger is a seasoned journalist and television host often seen as a frequent guest host of The View or contributor to NBC News, MSNBC & News Nation. She owns a multimedia production company, LGP, which has developed content for Buzzfeed, USA Today, ELLE Magazine, REVOLT TV and a variety of other outlets.

Dr. Brad Fanestil

Dr. Fanestil is a board-certified internal medicine doctor with 33 years of primary care and hospital experience, and is the former Director of Inpatient Care at Avista Hospital in Louisville, Colorado.

Naia Ormaza Zulueta

Naia Ormaza Zulueta is a PhD student at CU Boulder. Her work is mainly focused on analyzing environmental human rights and how these are intertwined with climate change. She is a current postgraduate “la Caixa” fellow.

Carrie Barry

Coach Carrie Barry grew up in Detroit and is a 10x National Champion, Former Captain of Team USA, Coach of US Youth & Junior 2015 World Championships. Carrie served proudly in the US Army attached to the WCAP Boxing Program.

Kate Nam

Kate Nam is originally from Aurora, Colorado and currently studying Finance and Accounting at CU Boulder. She took a gap year before college and is now currently Captain of the Colorado Crew Women's Team, a Leeds Scholar, and a member of Alpha Kappa Psi. She's passionate about reading, public speaking, and the outdoors!

Ankit Sharma

Ankit Sharma is a renewable engineer specializing in 24/7 solar + storage solutions, microgrids, and mindful leadership. He holds a masters in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado and is a licensed electrical engineer. Prior to his work in renewables, Ankit dabbled in various pursuits.

Donna Mejia

CU Boulder's Associate Professor Donna Mejia is the Inaugural Chancellor's Scholar of Health and Wellness for the Crown Wellness Institute. She is also an Associate Professor in the Theatre & Dance Department and affiliate faculty for Women & Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, and the Center for Teaching & Learning.

Chris Magee

Chris Magee is a sophomore from Park City, Utah. His major is strategic communications with a business minor and a certificate in entrepreneurship. Chris is the founder of @hugyourfriendz, and he is a very positive individual! We are very excited for you all to hear what perspectives he has to offer.

2024 Speakers

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